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How to Talk About an Unfamiliar Topic in IELTS Speaking

Does the thought of getting unfamiliar topics makes you nervous? Do you fear because you don’t know how to ace or respond to such topics? There are the best IELTS training online sessions for you. But we are here to help you too with some Practical Tips!

Firstly, let’s burst the bubble of “Out of Blue Topics”. It really depends on how much you have prepared for the IELTS. If you have covered almost all things then you won’t be completely clueless rather would be able to answer. Some of the best online classes for IELTS also provide with study materials that helps.

Secondly, the IELTS Speaking exam is evaluated on the basis of 4 factors that are:

  1. a) Fluency & Coherence
  2. b) Pronunciation
  3. c) Vocabulary
  4. d) Grammar

So even in case you end up with an unfamiliar topic all you have to do is prepare the answer in a way that helps you highlight the above 4 factors. Make up a story around the given topic and highlight whatever you know around it. This will work out really well for those who are confident and have creative skills.

In case you are not someone who’s good at making up narrations you can always be honest and upfront about the fact that you are unfamiliar with the topic. Specify the reason behind it. While explaining why you can’t talk on the topic, ensure you choose the right set of words and examples. Since it’s a speaking test your non-answer explanation will also play a vital part in your score evaluation. Try avoiding pauses and filler words. It may not work well in your favor.

Lastly, nothing can beat PRACTICE. So go prepared, in case you find the need to join a class you can look up online for the best online classes for IELTS. There are enormous classes online out of which you will find the best IELTS training online as per your preference.