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IELTS Classes in Mumbai, Borivali

Are you looking for IELTS classes in Borivali? Southwards IELTS helps you in IELTS training, IELTS exam which helps you to get a good score. The IELTS test is led by the British Council, IDP and Cambridge foundations. It is intended to allow test takers for advanced education and movement or even work – related planning. More than 10,000 foundations and associations in excess of 140 nations accept IELTS. Hence, Southwards IELTS offers the best of knowledge through its IELTS Classes in Mumbai.

Southwards IELTS gives leading IELTS training to the student to improve their execution of the test. It is additionally an enlisted community for the IELTS test and provides the best training through its IELTS Classes in Mumbai.

IELTS Classes in Mumbai

There are two sorts of IELTS tests, known as Modules of IELTS, contingent upon the reason for which the test is being looked for. These are Academic Module and General Training Module. Academic Module is required to be given by students, who intend to learn at undergraduate or post-graduate levels, while General Training Module is for those people, who either need to go for higher education or plan to work in or relocate to an English-Speaking Country. Southward has the best IELTS Classes in Borivali that train the person for the exam and help achieve the bands.


The Southwards IELTS offers the best training as it has IELTS Classes in Borivali. The classes help you with the reading and writing English that helps to clear the exam.

  • Accelerated practice and far-reaching content on four abilities like Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking.
  • 12:1 student proportion infers better person regard for each student.
  • Intensive knowledge into the pattern and question types to improve the score on all segments.
  • Concentrate on improving language structure and vocabulary for a long-haul advantage.
  • In each lecture, a new section and different skill are covered yet some time is held to catch up on other 3 skills also to at the same time improve the dimension on all abilities.
  • 1 on 1 discussion with the staff for discussing, assessing and giving tips on the writing and speaking task given as homework on each classroom training day.


A. 30 minutes test.

B. 40 questions.

C. You must give at least 35 correct answers to get band 8.

A. 60 minutes test.

B. 40 questions.

C. You must give at least 30 correct answers for band 7.

A. 60 minutes test.

B. 20 minutes for Task 1.

C. 40 minutes for Task 2.

D. Band is allotted after considering overall structure.

A. 15-20 minutes test.

B. Part 1 is 4 to 5 minutes.

C. Part 2 is 3 minutes.

D. Part 3 is 3 to 4 minutes.

E. Fluency, vocabulary are required to get band 7.



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Mr. Ganesh  is a Chartered Accountant and an educationist. Apart from his expertise in the taxation domain, he had 6 years of experience in preparing students for IELTS exams. His professional approach and pragmatic outlook have earned him accolades from his past students who have scored excellent marks in their respective exams.

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