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IELTS speaking practice test

IELTS Speaking Practice Test

Southwards IELTS  provides an IELTS speaking practice test to develop your English speaking skill. IELTS Speaking test takes between 11 and 14 minutes.


Southwards IELTS is one of the institutes that take classes for IELTS speaking practice test. It also consists of an interview with an examiner. The institutional records the interview so that nothing gets missed.


The IELTS speaking practice test is divided into three parts.

Part I
introduction of the examiner
  • He checks all the details of each person who will attend the exam.
  • The examiner will ask you a few questions on the general topic.
  • This will take around 4-5 mins.
    Part II
    individual basis
  • The examiner will give you the written task card and will give a minute to think before you start your speech. The speech would be for 1-2 mins.
  • The examiner will have a quick question and answer round after your speaking test.
  • This will take around 3-4 mins
    Part III
    two-way discussion
    Where the examiner will discuss more about the abstract issues and concepts which are thematically linked to the topic of your talk in Part 2. This will take around 4-5 mins.

    Mr.  Ganesh  is a Chartered Accountant and an educationist. Apart from his expertise in the taxation domain, he had 6 years of experience in preparing students for IELTS exams. His professional approach and pragmatic outlook have earned him accolades from his past students who have scored excellent marks in their respective exams.

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