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IELTS Preparation : The Path to an International Qualification via Distance Learning

Are you someone who plans to opt for distance learning and wondering how to get started?  Do not worry; we have you covered. Let’s examine the process for distance learning and the criteria.

To begin with, It is necessary to pass a test in order to apply to any overseas colleges and institutions even if you are choosing distance learning. The test typically varies from nation to nation as well as universities. Some choose the TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT, etc or a combination, but the IELTS exam is the most popular of them all.

Maximum colleges across the globe accept IELTS for distance learning compared to that of TOEFL. So it is essential to identify which colleges/universities you are aiming at for International qualification. As per that the preparation can be done. We highly recommend IELTS for distance learning as it covers many countries’ colleges.

It is recommended to start the IELTS preparation 8-10 weeks prior to the exam to ensure a good band score. Having a good band score mostly above 7 can get you closer to your dream college! You can also join a coaching class for IELTS preparation as they help you better by providing studying structures, tips, mockup tests, and much more. Distance learning is a great option to have access to your dream college by sitting in your home country and upskilling. So get closer to achieving it by scoring well in IELTS.

We at Southwards IELTS provide coaching of IELTS for distance learning and ensure that all your queries are solved effortlessly!