Southwards ILTES

IELTS coaching classes in Mumbai

IELTS Classes in Mumbai

Southwards IELTS is a top IELTS classes in Mumbai. We support the candidates by providing lots of opportunities to learn English from our faculty. We offer preparation materials and best training which helps you to get good score in exam. One cannot be proficient in English without the help of an expert.

Southwards IELTS monitors the progress of the candidate, provides training modules for more natural understanding. We conduct separate tests at different intervals for detecting the academic growth for every student. The students are free to ask queries through any medium like Skype, email or phone.

We offer exhaustive training in two modules of the IELTS test, i.e. General Training and Academic Training

Course Benefits

Mostly, Academic training is taken by the candidates who are willing to study or work in foreign countries like Canada, UK, Germany, The USA, New Zealand, Australia etc. Southwards IELTS gives the best IELTS coaching classes in Mumbai to the candidates to perform well and excel in their exam. The General Training is taken by those candidates who plan to migrate to foreign countries on a permanent residency visa, where English is the primary language of communication.

Course Content


  1. Structure of speaking test.
  2. In-depth analysis of part 1/2/3 of the speaking test
  3. Strategy to handle each part easily.
  4. Marking criteria
  5. Do’s and Don’ts to get a band 7 or above
  6. One on one mock speaking test to give you an insight about your preparation
  7. How to prepare for speaking test at home on your own
  8. Advice on what should be done on the test day.


  1. Introduction to task 1 and task 2
  2. Identifying the different types of question that could appear in writing task.
  3. Develop and structure an answer for task 1 and task 2
  4. Identifying what the examiner expects and how to give it to them
  5. Marking criteria
  6. Writing corrections to ensure that you are fully prepared before the test.


  1. Structure of the listening test.
  2. Strategy to excel each type of different questions of the listening test.
  3. Conducting listening test practice in the classroom.
  4. Common mistake that students make.
  5. How to avoid them.
  6. Guidelines on how to get band 7 or above in listening test at ease.


  1. Structure of reading test
  2. Strategy to handle any type of reading question.
  3. Conducting reading practice sessions in the classroom.
  4. Common mistake that students make.
  5. How to overcome these mistakes.
  6. How to prepare for the reading test to get a band 7 or above

Key Highlights

  • Complete Study Material
  • Section-wise constant training
  • Expert Faculty
  • Suitable location
  • Reasonable Fee
  • Outstanding results