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Enquiry on Results – when to apply

There are numerous components which can impact the execution of a competitor upon the arrival of his/her IELTS test, which is the reason it’s hard to anticipate precisely what band scores will be granted.


These variables include:


• How the applicant is feeling – numerous individuals experience the ill effects of nerves upon the arrival of the test and this can regularly influence their execution, especially in the talking test. Or on the other hand at times competitors can be presumptuous which results in lack of concern, which implies they don’t make a decent attempt as they have to.


• How the competitor has arranged – even great understudies can do not have the correct test readiness, particularly in the hours going before the test. They probably won’t get enough rest or have enough to eat/drink, which can influence their fixation levels amid the test. Or on the other hand perhaps they don’t sufficiently enable time to get to the test focus in time, which implies they touch base in a focused on state and need time to quiet down and unwind.


• How well the test is overseen – there are times when things don’t generally go to plan and outer variables can influence a hopeful’s execution: specialized shortcomings, outside unsettling influences, late competitors, poor ventilation/lighting/sound and so on. On the off chance that a hopeful accepts there execution has been influenced by any such factors, it must be accounted for specifically after the test has wrapped up.


In this way, my first recommendation is to BE HONEST and ask yourself:


  1. Was I all around arranged for the test?
  2. Did I feel quiet and made on the outing of the test?
  3. Were there any disastrous conditions upon the arrival of the test?

On the off chance that you are certain that nothing unless there are other options factors impacted your test scores, at that point it may merit requesting a survey of your outcomes, BUT you should BE REALISTIC about what scores you were hoping to get.

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