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When preparing for IELTS, there are certain myths about the IELTS exam that are merely untrue. We will be discussing these myths in detail and the ways to overcome them easily with our best online coaching for IELTS.

5 Ways to Completely Sabotage Your Top IELTS Online Coaching

  1. “IELTS is only for students who want to study abroad.”

This is not true! IELTS is a test that everyone can take. There are many reasons why people choose to study abroad, whether they are going to university, work, travel, or just enjoy their time away from home. If you have decided to study abroad, then you should know that IELTS is a requirement for studying at universities around the world.

  1. “IELTS takes too long!”

The truth is that IELTS tests your language skills- listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. So, even though it seems like a lot of time, it’s actually quite quick.

  1. “IELTS costs too much money.”

It’s true that some countries charge high prices for IELTS tests, but others offer them for free. In fact, some schools even give out vouchers for free IELTS tests.

  1. “You need to take IELTS twice to get good scores.”

You don’t need to take IELTS twice to get good results. However, it gives you a chance to practice and build confidence. So, if you feel ready, try again!

  1. “You need to have perfect pronunciation to get high scores.”

This is not true at all! There are many people who speak English fluently but they do not score well on the exam. So, to improve your speaking you need to focus on listening and understanding the questions.

  1. “IELTS is hard to prepare.”

Preparing for IELTS is much easier than preparing for SATS. All you need to do is join the best online coaching for IELTS and this way you can completely sabotage your IELTS coaching.