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IELTS Speaking test is all about testing these 4 factors: pronunciation, Grammar, Coherence & Fluency. Below are 5 things that one should avoid in the IELTS speaking test.

  1. Don’t Use Complex Ideas: Using complex ideas to impress the examiner may not turn out well. Because if you pick a complex idea and are trying hard to form sentences using jargon, you will slow down majorly and struggle to inform and explain the main idea. No extra marks are given for using complex ideas. Instead, use simple ideas that you are comfortable with and boost your fluency and formation.
  2. Don’t Use Vocabulary You Aren’t Comfortable With: Like the above point, avoid using high-level Vocabulary if you are not comfortable with it. It will only bring down your score as the chance of you making mistakes will increase massively, and you will suffer from fluency and will be impaired.
  3. Don’t Complex Grammar: Many students assume that it’s a great idea to use as many tenses and different grammatical structures as possible to impress the examiner. That isn’t the ideal way to communicate. Communicate simply so that it’s understood. Listen to the question and use grammar in a way that can clearly convey the answer.
  4. Don’t Freak Out: Students tend to freak out after seeing the blank face of the examiner. But it should not happen because examiners will judge you based on your test and give you the band score. So the facial expression would not mean anything and wouldn’t affect your score. After all, they are human and have the right to get tired or give no expression. So don’t stress about it.
  5. Don’t Take A Test Without Understanding It: Each part of the test requires a different understanding and style of strategies. In addition, each has different kinds of questions, so address each part clearly.

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